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Posted by: Tad Mitchell
Monett MO
SOAP Web Service
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Published: 29 Sep 2011
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SOAP Web Service Published by: Tad Mitchell on 29 Sep 2011 view comments(1)

I am consuming a web service. I can pass the service the fields needed and it returns arrays of different information.


I am having trouble parsing out the information.


I use iSockets to build and pass the XML. That works fine. All the examples I have seen return say customer address or conversion from one currency to another. I haven't found any that return an array of parts, cut lengths, whatever.

Has anyone ever parsed out arrays and single fields from the same results from a SOAP web service.


I really could use some help.




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Posted by: Tmitchell
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Monett MO
Comment on: SOAP Web Service
Posted: 12 years 7 months 23 days 12 hours 38 minutes ago

Never mind I got it. Thanks all