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Posted by: neilrh
Jackson, MI
Since we're on the subject of testing the forums
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Published: 25 Aug 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 2185 days ago
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Since we're on the subject of testing the forums Published by: neilrh on 25 Aug 2011 view comments(34)

I find it's not immediately obvious who the author of a thread is, while it's very obvious in the reply section.  Maybe I'll get used to it eventually, especially when I post this and can compare the difference between this thread and those that appear to be Bob originated.

I assume that box over on the right is it, but is that ad for Bob's book part of his signature or there regardless.


Ah-ha, ok the ad is there regardless and the rest is all originator and thread detail.


And editting seems to work, though I wonder if it would be nice to see the edit audit that some discussion forums employ?

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