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Posted by: R Bruce Hoffman
$hit you don't know
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Published: 04 Apr 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 4101 days ago
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What we learned during our long rambling telephone conversations Published by: R Bruce Hoffman on 04 Apr 2011 view comments
© R. Bruce Hoffman

  • The directory /QIBM/UserData is as screwed up as QUSRSYS during upgrades. The division between /QIBM/ProdData and /QIBM/UserData is very blurry now and needs to be handled much the same way as QUSRSYS does in "re-synchronizing" target machines during version and release upgrades. ie. Exit programs for other LPPs need to be re-run, which for most people means reinstalling dependant LPPs after restoring down-level /QIBM/UserData directories.
  • When using CPYBYTES, memcpy or a similar method, to copy data to a variable length field using %addr(field-name : *data), you must set the %len of the variable length field first, then copy the data. Otherwise, it wipes out the copied data.
  • After using the expression "just one more compile" you will have found that more than 3 hours have passed.
  • DB2 USER special register is 8 characters.... unless you are on IBM i OS... then it's 18 characters... WTF?

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