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How to Create Content for midrangeNews.com
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Published: 22 Feb 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 4101 days ago
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How to Create Content for midrangeNews.com Published by: Bob Cozzi on 22 Feb 2011 view comments

How to Create Content for midrangeNews.com

You can create just about any text or image-based content and store it on midrangeNews.com. Use your own tools, such as DreamWeaver, Expression Web (formerly FrontPage), or any other HTML editor and upload to or cut/paste your content into midrangeNews.com

First, create a Midrange News user profile. It's free and easy.

Second, confirm your registration via your email address. We send out a confirming email so that no one can sign you up without your permission. Check your email account after you sign up for Midrange News. Within a few minutes a confirming email will be sent. Click on the link in the email (or cut/paste it into your web browser). That link will take you directly to our verification page and verify that you received your email. Note that the verification key (included in the email) expires in 24 hours. If you can't get to it before then, you'll need to re-register with Midrange News.

Most people create content using any of these tools:

  1. Our online editor - Allows you to enter or cut/past your content directly into a Midrange News webpage.
  2. A commercial HTML editors such as DreamWeaver, TacoHTML, Microsoft Expression Web but there are others.
  3. Your word processor - You enter it using Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Writer or similar word processor and then convert it to text or HTML.
  4. Your Presentation program - You create your content using PowerPoint, Impress, Keynote or similar presentation software and then export the pages as PNG or JPEG files and upload each "slide" to Midrange News as a page.

More on each of these options, follows:

Online Editor

When you select "Share what you know" from the Midrange News banner, you are presented with a page to create your content. This page includes 3 tabbed pages.

  1. Titles and Description - Where you must specify the title and optionally the subtitle and any search words for your content.
  2. Online Editor - Where you can enter your content directly into your web browser using our online word processor-like editor. You may also cut/past content from just about any word processing program or HTML editor directly into this online editor.
  3. Upload a File - Where you can upload any HTML, Text, PDF, or Image file. Actually just about any file (up to 1 megabyte in size) may be uploaded. See Midrange News Specifications for guidelines and specifications for uploading material.

Some people upload their content and then use the online editor to enter a description or caption for the content they've uploaded. Both the text entered into the online editor and the uploaded file are displayed simultaneously; with the online editor content appearing above any uploaded file. 

Commercial HTML Editor

We here at midrangeNews.com use Microsoft Expression Web v3 and v4 to produce HTML. But IBM's Rational Developer for POWER on i (RDp) will also allow you to create HTML. Once an HTML document is created, just upload it or cut/paste it into the midrangeNews.com online editor. Give it a title and press Save. Bam! It's published.

World Processor

If you use Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, Open Office Writer or just about any other word processor, you have two options to store their content on Midrange News.

  1. Copy the document content to the Clipboard (ctrl+C on most systems, except Apple) and past it into a new Midrange News page using our online editor.
  2. Export the document as an HTML page using the Save As or EXPORT menu options. Then up load that HTML document to Midrange News.

Presentation Programs

If you use PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress, or Apple Keynote you may be able to export your presentation as a set of images (PNG files are best) and upload each individual slide as a page. The best way to do this is to create a group page in Midrange News (any page can be a group page) and give it a description of your presentation. Then, using the Edit Group option, edit that group page and upload each new image file. Then order the pages in the group so they will be presented in the correct sequence.

Note that Midrange News limits the size of image files to no more than 1 megabyte per page. Experimented with these presentation programs showed that most PNG files they create are between 300,000 and 600,000 bytes.

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