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Posted by: Bob Cozzi
Rogue Programmer
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IBM i Display GMT/UTC and Other Time Values for the System
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Published: 04 Feb 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 4138 days ago
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IBM i Display GMT/UTC and Other Time Values for the System Published by: Bob Cozzi on 04 Feb 2011 view comments
© 2010 Bob Cozzi

Display GMT on Command Entry

This is a stand-alone program that displays the current local time and the GMT time. In addition it shows you the UTC Offset.

NOTE: If you CEEUTCO is returning the incorrect UTC Offset or your Apache Log file is recording the wrong offset, read this article on how to fix this problem on your system.

To compile this program, you'll need to have the free RPG Open service program installed on your system or an equivalent service program that includes a JOBLOG subprocedure. RPG xTools is one, as is the code that comes with RPG TnT book.


      /include RPGOPEN/qcpysrc,joblog

     D ceeutc          PR
     D output_lil                    10I 0
     D output_secs                    8F
     D feedback                      12A   OPTIONS(*OMIT)

     D ceeutco         PR
     D output_hrs                    10I 0
     D output_mins                   10I 0
     D output_secs                    8F
     D feedback                      12A   OPTIONS(*OMIT)

     D ceedatm         PR                  OPDESC
     D  lilianSeconds                 8F   Const
     D  dateFmtPic                   26A   Const OPTIONS(*varsize)
     D  output_TmStmp                26A   OPTIONS(*varsize)
     D  feedback                     12A   OPTIONS(*OMIT)

     D ceeFMDA         PR                  OPDESC
     D countryCode                    2A   Const
     D rtnCountryCode                32A   OPTIONS(*VARSIZE)
     D feedback                      12A   OPTIONS(*OMIT)

     D QUSRJOBI        PR                  EXTPGM('QUSRJOBI')
     D  rtnData                    6000A   OPTIONS(*VARSIZE)
     D  sizeRtnData                  10I 0 Const
     D  fmtName                       8A   Const
     D  jobName                      26A   Const
     D  InternalJobID                16A   Const

     D JobI_TZ_T       DS                  Qualified
     D  tzName                       10A
     D  reserved1                     1A
     D  dstActive                     1A
     D  UTC_Offset                   10I 0
     D  fullname                     50A
     D  abbrName                     10A
     D  tz_MsgID                      7A
     D  tz_MsgFile                   10A
     D  tz_MsgLib                    10A
     D  reserved2                     1A
     D  UTC_Year_Offset...
     D                               10I 0

     D JobTimeZone_T   DS                  Qualified  Inz
     D  bytesReturned                10I 0
     D  bytesAvail                   10I 0
     D  stuff_we_do_not_want...
     D                              316A
     D  offset_TZ                    10I 0
     D  length_TZ                    10I 0
     D  timeZoneArea                200A

     D dspGMT          PR                  extpgm('DSPGMT')

     P dspGMT          B
     D dspGMT          PI
     D lilian          S             10I 0
     D hrs             S             10I 0
     D mins            S             10I 0
     D utcSecs         S              8F
     D secs            S              8F
     D szChar          S             26A
     D dst             S             32A   Varying
     D relation        S              1A
     D utcCoord        S              5A
     D utcOffset       S               T   Inz
     D locTime         S               Z
     D gmTime          S               Z
     D myJobTZ         DS                  LikeDS(JobTimeZone_T) Inz(*LIKEDS)
     D tz_Info         DS                  LikeDS(jobI_TZ_T) based(pTZ)
     D jobName         S             26A   Inz('*')
     D JOBI0600        C                   Const('JOBI0600')
     D JOBID           S             16A   Inz(*BLANKS)
          ceeutc(lilian : secs : *omit);    // Get GMT
          ceeutco(hrs : mins : utcSecs : *omit);  // Return UTC Offset
          ceedatm(secs : 'YYYY-MM-DD-HH.MI.SS.999': szChar : *omit);
          gmTime = %timestamp(szChar);
          locTime = gmTime + %seconds(%int(utcSecs));

          utcOffset -= %hours(hrs);
          utcOffset -= %minutes(mins);
          if (hrs < 0);
             relation = '-';
             relation = '+';
          QUSRJOBI(myJobTZ :%size(myJobTZ) : jobi0600 :
                     jobName : jobID);
          pTZ = %addr(myJobTZ) + myJobTZ.offset_TZ;

          if (tz_Info.dstActive=*ON);
              DST = 'DST Active';
              DST = 'Standard Time Active';
          utcCoord   = %char(utcOffset:*HMS);
            joblog('                    +--Date--+ +---Time---+');
            joblog('                    |        | |          |');
            joblog('Geenwich Mean Time: %s': %char(gmTime));
            joblog('Local time  . . . : %s': %char(locTime));
            joblog('UTC-Offset  . . . : %s%s': relation:utcCoord);
            joblog('DST Status  . . . : %s': dst);
     P dspGMT          E

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