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Published: 27 Jan 2011
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Advertising Rates Published by: Bob Cozzi on 27 Jan 2011 view comments

Advertising Rates and Information

midrangeNews.com publishes a series of newsletter every 2 weeks. The initial publication is RPG Report, edited by Bob Cozzi. Additional newsletters will be added in the future. Below are the advertising rates and information for these newsletters and midrangeNews.com in general.

Sponsored By TOP Banner Up to 17 lines of text (8pt type) and an optional GIF (right-side, float) 468x80 GIF Image Banner Ad. $75/thousand 1 issue and 1 month
MIDDLE Island 250x250 GIF image 250x250 GIF Image Island Ad. $50/thousand 1 issue and 1 month
Right-Column Island N/A Text (400 characters) or a 200pixel wide x 250pixel high GIF $450/monthly 1 month

Rate: Prices are per 1000 combined circulation (email distribution and online page views).

Right-column ad is not included in email distribution.

Duration: We publish 2 issues of RPG Report each month. Ads are placed into the email and online. The online ad remains active for 1 month from the day of publication.

Special per issue pricing for February to  December 2011:

TOP Banner Rate: $300/issue.
MIDDLE Island Rate: $200/issue.

  • Initial circulation for each issue in February 2011 is approximately 30k to 35k email distribution and "thousands" of on-line page views.
  • Circulation beginning March, April and May 2011 is a combination of paid and comp'd circulation, estimated at 4000 plus any partner distribution (no additional charge).
  • Ad cost per issue for February, March, April, and May is 4 times Rate.

No contracts or commissions. Reserve your spot, pay, get included.

You may also advertise on midrangeNews.com without a specific newsletter spot. This ad space will be available beginning July 2011. Check back for more information.

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