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Midrange News Content Specifications
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Published: 22 Feb 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 4138 days ago
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Midrange News Content Specifications Published by: Bob Cozzi on 22 Feb 2011 view comments

Midrange News Specifications

These specifications are general guidelines for the kind of material permitted on Midrange News.

Supported File Types (uploading material):

  • Text Files (.TXT or .TEXT)
  • HTML pages (.HTML)
  • Adobe Acrobat files (.PDF)
  • Image files (.JPG or .PNG or .GIF)
  • Small Video files (.MOV)

Maximum File Size: 1MB (per file)

The 1 MB limitation was arbitrarily selected based on the fact that most individual pages will not exceed 100KB (about 1/10th of the  limitation). Images may be resized using any commercial or free software and look fine on Midrange News with a resolution of about 640x480 or less. Large PDF files are the only real issue as they can't be easily broken up into smaller file sizes. We're researching how best to handle this situation. The 1MB limitation is completely arbitrary as Midrange News has an internal limit of about 4GBs per file.

Note the online WYSIWYG editor supports online entry of about 32k, direct. But it also permits much lengthier HTML/Text to be cut/pasted directly into the editor. It's always a good idea to enter your content using a local "off line HTML editor, word processor and then copy and past the resulting HTML or document into the online editor and polish it up. This way you have a local copy of your material.

Maximum number of pages in a Group: 32000.

A Midrange News Group allows you to group a set of Midrange News documents for easier viewing and context. For example, you upload a multi-page scientific paper and then place those pages into a Group--giving the Group a descriptive name and perhaps a cover page describing its content. Then when users view that Group, they can navigate through each of your pages, just like the pages of a book. This is how most Midrange News content is organized.

Cover Page

Its a good idea to give your group description a cover page or introduction/narrative so that the readers have an idea what the pages in your group represent.

Restricted Material/Content

The following materials may not be to be posted on midrangeNews.com and are a violation of our Terms of Use and shall be removed if detected:

  • Political opinion/editorial content or links to same.
  • Pornographic content or links to same.
  • Religious opinion/editorial content or links to same.
  • Opinions, rants, or aggressive non-factual content.
  • Advertorial (advertising disguised as editorial material).
  • Any material deemed by Midrange News to be not in compliance with our Terms of Use or Terms of Service.

Embedded Web Links are Removed

Links to external websites that are not on our cleared list are removed from all posted material. We are working on a more dynamic system with sites being trusted until reported by our users. Right now, most top websites are cleared and links to pages on those sites are enabled. When this new system is introduced your content will automatically take advantage of it--no changes required.

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